Join me for Connected Women – Powering Women in Business Philippines

This year we are bringing Connected Women to the Philippines with a goal to create a community of 100,000 women to techup, skillup and linkup for online jobs. If you know any ladies who would like to be part of this programme pass this link on!Sign up your name if you want to get more information about the programme. Let's get … [Read more...]

“Casting Nets” – Gina featured in the December issue of August Woman magazine.

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The Freedom to Fail

Last month I was invited by Halogen Foundation and the SCWO to speak at National Young Leaders’ Day Women’s Edition (NYLDWE), part of Halogen's central effort to reach out to and influence Singapore’s young leaders. The event brings together four women leaders to share their life stories and leadership lessons with over seven hundred young women … [Read more...]

9 Quotes From ‘The Hobbit’ That Social Entrepreneurs Can Relate To

(The first of a series of posts 'Reluctant Leaders and Unlikely Heroes') Our family are huge Lord of the Rings fans and we have been waiting for The Hobbit movie for what seems like FO-E-VA. The big day finally arrived and we were not disappointed - the Jackson-Tolkien mash-up rocked as always and heaps of even more advanced special effects … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurship Tips from Pacquiao

  I love boxing. Yes I know it's barbaric, but there's something spectacular about watching the inconceivable power of mind, body and spirit a human being can muster when challenged to overcome an opponent in physical combat. Today's fight between Pacquiao & Marquez was a heart thumping thriller from the offset, only to climax … [Read more...]

007 – Leadership lessons from M

I have just got back from watching the latest Bond Movie 'Skyfall' - in traditional Bond style it was a flamboyantly British, exuberantly patriotic, nail-bitingly action packed and an all-round bloody good film. Apart from enjoying the movie itself I was completely enamoured with M and her no-nonsense, pragmatic and ballsy leadership. As we were … [Read more...]

7 Lessons on Collaboration from Marvel’s Stan Lee

This week is Comic-Con, the annual geek fest in San Diego and a gathering of all things related to the comic book industry. In honour of Stan Lee, the revered Marvel Comics editor writer, this post looks at how his management style revolutionised the creative process at Marvel and how we can use the same method to manage our own teams more … [Read more...]