Join me for Connected Women – Powering Women in Business Philippines

Gina Romero - Connected Women Powering Women Business

This year we are bringing Connected Women to the Philippines with a goal to create a community of 100,000 women to techup, skillup and linkup for online jobs. If you know any ladies who would like to be part of this programme pass this link on!Sign up your name if you want to get more information about the programme. Let's get … [Read more...]

Notifications Driving You Mad? Here’s How To Get Them Under Control!


“The bells, the bells they deafen me!” -Quasimodo Beep-beep, ring-ring, ping-ping. All day long it goes, and it’s never-ending. With messages popping up here and there, it seems that all this connectivity has made us increasingly ‘available’ to everyone but ourselves. Someone always wants to say “hi,” find out how you are doing, … [Read more...]

5 Tips for an Online Networking Strategy


With the many things on our plate it’s hard to remember what has been updated and what hasn’t, but remember your online tools are your digital assets that support your online and offline networking. Here is a check list of 5 key items to get you started! 1) Your Inbox – A new start If you have a huge backlog in your mailbox give yourself … [Read more...]

Surface Pro Review – Day 5: Remember that scene with Hulk & Loki…?

Hulk smash

Here's my final blog wrapping up my week long review of the Surface Pro. Read on for the verdict... [In case you missed it, here's my Day 1 review 'Are you sure it's a pen, not a stylus?'] It's been Marvel-ous I've had a fun filled week test driving the Surface Pro and considering I have been waiting for this for so long, it had a lot to live … [Read more...]

Surface Pro Review – Day 4: Does it come in pink?

ePad Femme

This one is about the day I took my Surface Pro to the Athena Network Executive Club to see if it could charm the ladies. [In case you missed it, here's my Day 1 review 'Are you sure it's a pen, not a stylus?'] What did the ladies think? Yesterday was our Athena Executive Club meeting, a structured networking session for women Executives … [Read more...]

Surface Pro Review – Day 3: Holy Pen Emergency Batman!

Keep Calm and Call Robinn Poster

Today's blog was supposed to be all about work - then all of a sudden KAPOW, a drama! Here’s the story of my lost Surface Pro pen and how Robin saved the day… [In case you missed it, here's my Day 1 review 'Are you sure it's a pen, not a stylus?'] Where not to put your pen I love Mondays because I am a workaholic. I also love the weekend … [Read more...]

Surface Pro Review – Day 2: Handbags, Keyboards & World of Warcraft


Day 2 meant it was time to take the Surface Pro out and about for the handbag test - to find out if I can justify carrying the device around even when I don't expect to use it. I also wanted to try the 'Touch' and 'Type' keyboard options and check out if it could run World of Warcraft. [In case you missed it, here's my Day 1 review 'Are you sure … [Read more...]

Surface Pro Review – Day 1: Are you sure it’s a pen, not a stylus?


Yesterday was a good day. At approximately beer o’clock, a lovely green Microsoft branded bag arrived in the arms of my hubby containing the long awaited Surface Pro 'Demo Unit'. Bearing in mind my husband got one over on me by being invited to a special hands-on review session at the Microsoft Singapore office last week - I was practically … [Read more...]

The Death of the Dodo


Once we were tribes. Whether we were a township in Dorset or a village in Africa. We were tribes and life was hard yet uncomplicated, there was less confusion, less noise. Skills passed down generation through generation. Life was simple and choice limited. With the birth of the Digital Revolution and the Internet, the natural barriers were … [Read more...]

3 must-have iPhone apps for Twitter Geeks


Ok first of all, I’m a girl geek. This post could terrify you if you are not an iPhone mad Twitter addict and I just want to say now that you do not have to go to these extremes in order to Tweet productively & efficiently. However, if you are as geeky as I am, love iPhone, and effective Twittering is an important (and official) part of … [Read more...]