Here are some testimonials from colleagues, business partners, service providers and clients:

“We invited Gina to speak at an entrepreneurship workshop conducted at Singapore Polytechnic and she was fabulous from the word go. I have never seen young students get so interested in pursuing their dreams as wannabe entrepreneurs, as I did after Gina’s amazing pep talk. Gina’s honest, straightforward, from-the-heart answers struck a chord with young Singaporean teenagers and since then I cannot wait to have her back to inspire our students.”

Sourav Roy, Co – Huffington Post columnist and Senior Lecturer of Journalism, Singapore Polytechnic

“Gina is the epitome of PASSION – injecting passion in all that she does; passion for life, passion for the woman community. A mom, a wife, a career woman and a evangelist for the community she is associated with. Gina is definitely the lady to watch out.”

Rina Neoh, Co – founder & Executive Director
Mercatus Capital Pte Ltd

“Working with Gina to launch The Athena Network in Singapore has been a thrilling, inspiring and energetic journey! Her passion for the Athena brand and unwavering drive to connect female entrepreneurs in their business ventures, has created a dynamic and vibrant group of professional women, eager to champion each other’s successes.

Gina’s common sense approach to business combines brilliantly with her natural creativity to keep those around her on their feet and poised to push the boundaries of their own achievements. Her master networking skills have helped those within The Athena Network to forge profitable and long-lasting connections and I know this is a trend which will only continue to grow.

With a natural capacity to see a person’s raw talent, Gina has helped countless businesswomen (me included) to follow their passion and skills in order to build a business doing something they love. It has been an honour working with Gina and I look forward to seeing more great activity for The Athena Network in Asia-Pacific under her fearless leadership.”

Claire Kidd, Co-Founder and Editor
The Athena Network APAC

“I met Gina a few months back at the inaugural Athena Network Singapore women’s networking event. Gina is very personable and I was immediately made to feel welcome and comfortable at the event, even though I did not know anyone bar Gina and Claire.

Gina has an uncanny ability to bring people together and to make you feel like you have known each other for years! The Athena Network is really the premier women’s networking event in Singapore, and if you don’t attend, you are missing out. I strongly recommend Gina.”

Stephanie Chu, CEO, Principal Coach
Empower Pte Ltd

“Gina is a consummate priestess of networking. She has the special gift of connecting with people and connecting people. She is such a whirlwind of energy and ideas. Gina is a social bee and will always be an asset to any organization, cause or event she is affiliated with.”

Mimmie Ong, Regional Head of Sales
SEA, Vdopia, Inc.

“Gina is a a dynamic and giving professional, always ready to lead and inspire her peers. She is the pioneer of Athena Network in Singapore and I am sure she will be setting he bar for giving more business opportunities and matching among the women business community in Singapore.”

Andrew Chow, Managing Director
Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd

“I joined the Athena Network Singapore in September 2011, just as I arrived in Singapore. Gina recognised there was a gap in the market in Singapore for an authentic network for women in business. Her mantra collaboration not competition, underpins the ethos of her, the network and all the successful women there who go to Athena. There are so many positive things that have happened to me and my business as a result of being part of the network and I can’t recommend Gina & Athena highly enough!”

Carla Henry

“I knew Gina Romero when I signed up to attend the launch of The Athena Network event in Singapore last September. I stumbled on the event when I was searching on Meetup.com for a women entrepreneur networking group in Singapore.

Having attended a few other networking event groups, I was very impressed with the quality of the Athena meeting. It was very well organized, the energy was excellent, Gina (the founder) was highly personable and humorous, and the quality of women who turned up was fabulous. The location chosen also exuded a sense of professionalism and warmth. I made some great connections in the first meeting and I didn’t hesitate to sign on for further events. In fact, I was looking forward to the next ones, to say the least! There is something very magical about the Athena Network – it is probably the only women entrepreneurs/professionals networking group in Singapore that is run by a world class professional, and one that truly fosters relationship building, connectivity and referral business. In 4 meetings, I’ve signed up 4 clients (and more in the pipeline) and built great friendships too!

Gina also engaged me to photograph her for her corporate portraits. From a shoot, I can always tell one’s personality and Gina certainly came across as one who is dynamic, personable, warm, knows what she wants and has the drive to pursue her goals. Very glad indeed to have photographed her – it was such a great experience for myself!”

Jasmine Vincent, Professional Photographer
Jasmine Vincent Photography

“Gina’s effort in Singapore in developing a Women’s Business Network that is both empowering & focussed on business knowledge sharing is paying off. Two of my female team members have now attended the Athena meets multiple times and have found personally enriching.

Through Athena Servolve has also received new clients, strong ladies with solid business plans, for whom we’ve set up companies. We’re very happy to be a part of this positive momentum that has evolved around Gina’s vision for female entrepreneurs & professionals in Singapore.”

George Mathew, CEO

“I have had the pleasure to attend a number of sessions hosted by Gina Romero as part of the Athena Network Singapore. Gina has a passion for entrepreneurship and a contagious enthusiasm. She has managed to assemble a great network of women entrepreneurs in Singapore in a short space of time. The exchange of ideas, connections and partnerships that I have made through the network have been truly valuable. Gina is a natural networker and connector but more importantly is very caring, personable and genuine. Athena is a great idea and Gina runs the group fantastically well.”

Sabrina Belkadi

“Gina is an amazing connector and master networker who truly lives, breathes, and models her passion everyday. Listening to her articulate her visions for the network in Singapore which culminated in an over-subscribed launch in September 2011 has been an amazing journey. If you’re looking to work with someone who’s not only passionate, energetic, bubbly, and amazingly smart- look no further than Gina! Watch out for this lady, she’s truly a Rock Chick Entrepreneur!”

Christel Quek (郭蕙萁), Social Media Strategist
Havas Media

“I have been working with Gina since 2011. She is highly energetic, friendly, witty and always there to give you good ideas.”

Bessy Hu, Business Development
Blue Ocean Systems Pte Ltd

“Gina is versatile, extremely confident and dependable, seeing through her commitments responsibly. She demonstrates creative thinking, verbally expressive, and is fun to work with. A solid social networker indeed!”

Charlie Heng, Business Development
Blue Ocean Systems Pte Ltd

“Enthusiam, Passion, Skilled and Focussed Organisation skills would be my first impressions of Gina. She was an asset to The Athena Network UK and wish her well in Signapore. Anything she turns her hands too will be magnificant and be of value to her clients and business colleagues.”

Ladey Adey, Lincolnshire Regional Director
The Athena Network

“I met Gina through Athena Totteridge group. I found her very friendly, helpful and very clear about how networking can profit your business. Good luck with Singapore!”

Sunayana Clark, Phoenix Trader

“Gina’s events are always well organised and her efforts to publicise them invariably lead to a well attended and smooth event. She welcomes visitors and makes sure they get the most out of a one off event or a new membership. I’m sure she’ll take Singapore by storm.”

Louise Taft, Solicitor

“Gina has opened my eyes to the potential I have to start my own business from a skill I love, but thought I could not offer as a service. She has made me think about how I can market myself using both traditional methods (networking) and modern technology (social media) and provided some key strategies to achieving success via such means. More importantly, however, Gina has provoked thoughts and creative ideas to help me establish what I would like my brand to say about me and my business and has emphasised how important this is, no matter how great the product or service might be.”

Claire Kidd, Content strategist, creative writer & editor

“I have known Gina on both a personal & professional level for the past 7 years. She always puts 110% into whatever projects she is working on and her enthusiasm is electric ! I worked with Gina as a founder member of her The Athena Group, Mill Hill, LONDON and can only highly praise her commitment, superb organisation and drive when running the group.”

Shaan Dalley, Freelance IT Trainer / Floor Walker, TECs Ltd

“I cannot recommend Gina enough to anyone looking to do business with her! She is professional, knows her stuff and also knows how to make business enjoyable too so it is a pleasure to work with her! In her handover to me of Athena North London it was clear that this is someone who is passionate about what she does and has a lot to share. Thanks for your constant support and wisdom Gina!”

Rita Hemraj, Regional Director, The Athena Network

“I am so glad that you finally decided to launch Athena in Singapore, i am sure its going to be a huge success as you were the best manager that i worked with, lucky these ladies :)). We really miss you here, as you are such an inspiration for all of us business women. I wish you a lots of success.”

Nacera Gomes, Owner, Diar Argan UK

“Gina is a great networker! She is friendly and is constantly looking at how people can help each other in their businesses.
She ran the Athena Network North London region and was always inspiring, personable and professional.
I would have no hesitation in working with Gina again in any capacity.”

Jo Tocher, Cardio Pulse Wave Screening

“Gina is an excellent networker, she has the energy of a 5 year old and will not rest until she achieves her goal.
I am sure she will make a success of Athena Singapore. I am happy to endorse her.”

Amanda Botero-Farr, Interior Designer, Botero Interior Design

“Gina is an avid and generous networker. Her enthusiasm for business and technology are inspirational to other businesswomen. I have no doubt that she will make a great success of any networking group she starts in Singapore.”

Lisa Marsh, Fertility Coach / Owner, Your Great Life

“Gina is an accomplished and inspirational business manager and strategist with the ability to be both creative and practical. She gets things done and is always a pleasure to work with.”

Pete Sonderskov, Co-Founder, Rock Solid Solutions

“I cannot recommend Gina or the Athena Network enough! Before I set up my own business in February 2010, I had never been introduced to formal networking and so the whole concept of it was new to me and, to be honest, quite daunting. However, Gina welcomed me with open arms to Athena and I couldn’t have been put in safer hands. She completely understood my trepidation and did her utmost to make me feel comfortable and relaxed. I am extremely grateful to Gina for all of her support and I am proud to be a member of The Athena Network.”

Ruth Hayward, Partner, MHHP Law LLP t/a Mir Hickling Hayward Patel Solicitors

“Gina was a client while she ran the Athena Network in North London where I was a member. Not only was she fabulous to work for – full of ideas and energy, but as the Regional Director of Athena, she demonstrated her natural talent for connecting people, understanding their needs and recognising untapped talents – guiding the members out of their comfort zone to help them grow. Gina is fabulous!”

Alicia Cowan, Founder, Absolute PA

“Gina created an Athena Networking group, which was envied by other Athena groups. Her warm and welcoming personality meant new members and visitors, felt they had found a truly helpful and friendly opportunity for networking, and members of the group were loyal and truly grateful for the opportunity to be in Gina’s group. I can not recommend her highly enough. Lisa Roberts”

Lisa Roberts, Photographer, Lisa Roberts Photography

“I don’t have the time or the words to describe how amazing Gina is and it is without reservation that I recommend Gina and The Athena Network. I met Gina when she set up an Athena Group in London and admired from afar her dedication, motivation and inspiration! I have continued to stay in touch since her move and am constantly impressed by her thirst for knowledge, interest in others and her ability to connect people

Without a doubt if you are in business new or established you should be a part of The Athena Network and if you have the privilage of being a part of what Gina is doing then you are doubly lucky!”

Sally Hindmarch (nee Hollander), Managing Director, Partners With You Ltd

“Gina is a fab networker who really looks out for others. We initially met through Athena and continue to link up via twitter. Gina is a doer with lots of energy to take forward new projects. Great lateral thinker too.”

Alison Persson, Property Finder, The Home You Want

“Gina is a bundle of energy fun and enthusiasm. A real people person who gets on with everyone!! Gina is a superb net-worker and knows the value of building great relationships. She built up Athena in North West London before relocating to Singapore with her family. I would love to work with Gina again.”

Shelley Fishel, IT Training Expert in the London Area – helping you to save more than 30 minutes a day, The Training Surgery Limited

“Sadly, I missed the oportunity to meet Gina in “real life” before she moved to Singapore – we “met” through Twitter. She has been a real inspiration to me, and is, without doubt, networking royalty.”

Lorelei Gibb, Marketing Director & Social Networking Trainer, Dolphin Computer Upgrades Limited

“I met up and worked with Gina when she took the role of Athena Operations Director – loved the fact she’s one of those bright, bright minds who just catch the ball and run with it in all sorts of directions. Only problem she and I ever had was we just couldn’t talk fast enough!

Since then I’ve been privileged to work with her on putting together her own Business Rocks brand plus her launch of Athena on the other side of the world which I’ve loved. She’s a sparking powerhouse of ideas and yup, she really does rock!”

Marilyn Messik, Owner, Create Communication

“Gina is a professional business woman who has great knowlwedge in many areas. My main contact with Gina was for online support in many things technical! Her ongoing guidance and help was really helpful in my own personal growth and for my business. I would not hesitate to recommend Gina to others in the future.”

Tracey Lankstead, Regional Director, The Athena Network

“Gina is truly an inspiration – her zeal and passion to succeed is infectious and her passion for her business contagious. gina has a way of making a complex situation feel like a breeze and her interpersonal skills are second to one – - one that is so needed and her ease of making people welcome and warming a truly a gift. I wholeheartedly recommend Gina and look forward to meeitn and wroking with her.”

Usha Penumuchi, Director of, Dare to Dream – Consultancy

“I have worked with Gina on a number of projects and always found her a pleasure to work with. Professional, well organised and always looking for new ideas for making things better. A great networker who always has a smile on her face. Good luck promoting Athena in Singapore Gina.”

Sharon Ensbury, Internet Marketing Consultant, WSI Internet Consulting

“Gina is a great gal to know. Not only for the help that she gives you with passing on relevant and important contacts for your business but also that she is personable, friendly, wise and she knows her stuff.”

Sue Wybrow, Owner, Popdance

“It is with the greatest of admiration that I recommend Gina Romero. During the time I was part of her athena group , she was truly an inspirational and motivating leader for us all. Gina took the time to not only get to know all of us, but to promote and brainstorm opportunities with all with us. Gina has a supply of neverending energy and is always willing and available to share some of it. It was an amazing opportunity to be part of her group and I would recommend it.”

Caron Barruw, Director, TheP4Group

“Gina is a dedicated and energetic networker who really puts people first. We have collaborated in networking circles for many years and at all times Gina has shown wonderful enthusiasm and made a difference to those she has worked alongside. She has a superb ability to connect the right people at the right time.  She brings just the right amount of warmth and energy to her work and I wish her every success with Athena Singapore!”

Monique Lester, Digital Media Marketing Queen, London Digital PR Ltd

“What can I say? First met Gina when she was running Athena, a Women’s Networking organisation in London. She is a natural serial networker with a passion to connect the right people at the right time so they can do business. She has a amazing flare of creating networking groups with serves with unlimited Energy.”

Kesh Morjaria, Regional Director, BNI London North West

“Gina is a powerhouse of technical knowledge which she shares in an accessible and relatable way. She is enthusiastic and fun to work with and provides inspirational support.”

Carole Ann Rice MD, Real Coaching Company

I have had the pleasure of working with Gina for the last year at The Athena Network in a close capacity. Gina is the Regional Director for the North London area and as her Regional Manager, Gina provides me with supervision and oversight. Since I assumed the post, Gina has consistency provided outstanding leadership. Gina is always clear in her communications and expectations, offering feedback and support where necessary.

As the Regional Director, Gina carries the responsibility of upholding the voice and reputation of the organisation. The organisation functions on a membership basis, where ladies are invited to monthly meetings with the option of becoming a member. Gina’s superior level of communication is evident in her role, from when she greets visitors, to when she delivers training topics at the meetings, or sends out email correspondences. When ladies buy their Athena membership, by default they are buying the Regional Director’s ability to communicate effectively and provide a professional and beneficial facilitated networking environment.

Gina builds strong business relationships with all members of the groups, providing them with support, guidance and opportunity whenever she can. Every month Gina highlights the strengths and skills of the members. Gina constantly promotes creativity and innovation by encouraging members to perform presentations in their area of expertise, helping to develop and refine their ideas, speaking topics, or other areas of their businesses. Gina has extensive business experience and a knack for creative strategies that she exchanges freely. Gina has built great rapport with members and colleagues for her knowledge and capability.

Athena Regional Directors have to have a certain affinity for the business networking culture in order to have embraced it as a franchise. Gina is no exception and is a strong advocate for everything Athena as an organisation stands for. Gina uses her commitment and dedication to the brand values to clearly convey a powerful vision for groups. Gina’s vision directly shapes the group dynamics. It changes the way members see, feel, react and become involved with Athena. Gina is a natural leader.

Gina and I work together during planning and development stages. We usually review the status of the groups, outlining what needs to be done, and strategize what we can do to add or improve the groups. We bounce ideas back and forth, and Gina makes a decision which is delegated to me or a member of the chair committee. For instance, we recently reviewed the communication and areas of responsibility criteria. Gina decided how the areas should be broken down, and then delegated them out. Gina will set and share objectives, correspond with the ‘team’ as to how we can go about achieving them, and will naturally resume the role directing, managing and overseeing that the tasks are completed. Gina is a big thinker, and excels when she is able to focus on leading and growing the group.

Gina is one of the most pragmatic people I have ever met. When or if conflicts arise, Gina is able to resolve issues logically and effectively. When a problem occurred with one of the members of the group concerning a breach in their membership which in turn affected another member of the group, Gina provided rational, mutually beneficial options for the member to solve the problem. Gina’s talent in communication permeates into every facet of her job role.

Amanda Blum, Regional Manager, Athena North London

As an Athena Regional Director Gina is adept at recognising the potential in others and ensures that she supports all the members of her team and members of the network to acknowledge that themselves. One of the qualities I most admire about Gina is her integrity and fairness, she is objective and reasonable at all times in her role.  As a networking organisation for women there are times when we are challenged by the moods and emotions of others, Gina is empathetic and firm with her boundaries and she  is a well respected member of the team because of this quality.

Gina is an inspirational woman, she recognises the potential in others and her enthusiasm and drive is infectious which means that everyone involved with her projects achieves their goals. Positive and constructive, clear headed and concise are what I would say about Gina. She is clear about outcomes, clear about the requirements of her team, roles, responsibilities and encourages diversity in the team. Gina welcomes ideas from others to ensure a well rounded outcome.

Gina is always deliberate and concise and has only ever submitted high quality work. One of the most honourable women I have had the pleasure to know and to work with, her word quite literally is her bond. She is clear about her areas of expertise and equally clear about when it is appropriate to encourage others and is willing to follow this lead.

Jacqueline Rogers, Founder and CEO, The Athena Network