Unconventional Business Thinking

If you’re looking for creative logic, radical common sense and smart execution, you’ve come to the right place.

Unconventional business thinking. Slightly rebellious management consulting for micro-enterprises.

Unconventional Partners

We are a global team of exceptionally talented creative thinkers and doers with a deep esteem for community, culture and the technology that brings us together.

Unconventional Strategy

We bring a fusion of nerd and geek wisdom in communication, business, technology, finance and design. So you can be sure of a unique, well-informed approach.

Unconventional Values

We should also probably let you know that fun, creativity and childlike curiosity are fundamental elements of our work ethic. We love what we do but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Unconventional Thinking

Whether you need strategic direction, a creative spin on an event, product or service, or simply need to raise the profile of your brand, we are your department of ideas, ready to help.

Unconventional Conversations

If your communication lacks harmony and your strategy lacks Zen. When you find yourself under pressure to create but the creative juices aren’t flowing. Talk to us.

If you need inspiration, fresh ideas and frank advice …Talk to us.

Unconventional Wisdom

  • We bring exceptional talent to interesting projects.
  • We do amazing work and ensure everyone profits.
  • We work with nice people who trust us to get things done.


Visit our website: www.unconventional.sg

Unconventional Events

We love to mix business and pleasure! Unconventional events are for people to meet other awesome interesting folk and to learn and share business ideas – usually over a beer or two. Join us at the next event: Gina Romero’s Unconventional Events

Never go to a boring business event again!

Business Rocks!

Business Rocks is all about music, beer and business opportunities, so if you love business and entrepreneurship, come and share your success, failures, rants and raves – anything goes as long as it is interesting and relevant!

Just business owners and entrepreneurs just like you and me taking a break out of the hectic work week to re-energise and meet some awesome, interesting people.

Business Rocks! Check out our new Business Rocks website for the next event: www.businessrocks.sg

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